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Notes: This download is for anyone with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, so you can download Windows Media Player. Find Windows Media Player 11 for XP and Vista here, or find out about Windows Media Player 12 here.

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Windows Media Player help and info

  • What is Windows Media Player?

    Facilitating the playback of audio and video files, WMP is a media player designed by Microsoft. Version 11 was released in Autumn 2006, but incarnations of the player have existed since the early nineties. WMP 11 has been superseded by a newer version, designed for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

  • What does it mean to ‘rip’ a CD in Windows Media Player?

    The process of ‘ripping’ refers to copying audio files to the hard-disk of a computer from a CD. While the default output for ripped music is Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, it can also rip music to MP3 and WAV. Users can choose the desired audio quality of ripped files and fully adjust artist, album, and track information.

  • Can you transfer music from iTunes to Windows Media Player?

    Music can be transferred between iTunes and WMP libraries, but doing so necessitates adjusting file format settings in iTunes. This is incredibly useful if you want to keep WMP as your default media player, but still want to sync music to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad – devices which are unsupported by Microsoft’s media player.

  • What file extensions are compatible with Windows Media Player?

    While it is primarily designed to work with Windows Media formats (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm), WMP does, however, support a number of file extensions. For example, Audio Visual Interleave files (.avi) and Moving Pictures Experts Group files (such as .mp3 and .mpeg) can be played. It is also capable of playing MIDI files.

  • What is a codec for Windows Media Player?

    In addition to the file types listed above, it is possible to play other types of files on Microsoft’s media player. Codecs are extensions that enable users to play a variety of different audio and video files on WMP, and they can be freely accessed from both Microsoft and third-party developers.

  • Can Windows Media Player play MP4 and MKV files?

    WMP does not support the playback of videos that are MP4 or MKV files. There are, however, a wide availability of codecs created by third-party developers which make it compatible with these alternative types of file extension.

  • Can Windows Media Player edit or rotate videos?

    WMP is not a video editor and it is intended to be used for the playback of videos only. There are third-party plugins that enable the incorporation of basic editing tools into the program, such as the ability to trim the length of videos and rotate them.

  • What is a DVD decoder for Windows Media Player?

    A DVD decoder is a plugin which enables the playback of DVDs on WMP. Unlike music CDS, it is impossible to rip the contents of a DVD to the hard-drive of a system without the aid of another external software package. WMP can, however, rip audio from a DVD.

  • Can Windows Media Player play Blu-ray?

    Although WMP cannot read and play Blu-rays, it is possible with the support of a third-party codec pack – many of which are freely available online. A computer must be fitted with a Blu-ray drive to read a physical Blu-ray disc, regardless of what media player is being used.

  • What are ‘skins’ on Windows Media Player?

    Skins are groups of media, art, and text files which change the appearance of WMP. Microsoft gives users the option to fully customise the interface of the media player with a selection of standard skins. For those that want to take this further, WMP also includes a programming platform that enables the creation of completely unique skins.